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Relationships Why are you so full of Shit?!

Reflections from an airport… I’m here an hour and a half early for my flight back to NY, so I’m sitting here at my gate watching all the people walk by. It’s amazing the things you can pick up by people watching. You can almost feel the stress on some while you can’t help but smile at the happiness of others.

I had no intention of breaking out my laptop and writing. I had an action-packed trip that allotted very little down time so I was content just people watching and reflecting on the events of this trip. But as I was sitting here, a couple walked by and they were clearly in an argument. As tension seemed to escalate, I (and anyone else within a 50 foot radius) heard the woman exclaim, “Why are you so full of shit?”

Her very valid question got me thinking about relationships and honesty. And of course, out came the laptop and here I go.

So here’s my brief rant on relationships and honesty.

I’m blessed in what I do in that I get to meet people all across the world and build relationships with them. Whether they are business relationships or personal relationships, I’m always in a process of relationship building. Throughout the years, time and time again I have encountered an excessive amount of people who are just fake.

I know it’s not just me. Haven’t you also encountered this “Fake People” phenomenon? Some are overtly fake and you can see through their act from a thousand miles away. Others have refined their talent for fictional living to the point where it’s almost undetectable.

I’m not sure why people are so quick to lie to others. I’m sure they have some sort of victimized way of justifying it to themselves, but I want to offer a bit of advice.

Here’s an idea…When entering into any type of relationship, whether it’s one that is going to last one hour or one year or longer, just be honest.

Sounds simple, but for some reason, honesty tends to be the first victim of an interaction between two people.

It’s not nice to be dishonest with others, but let’s leave the effect on others alone for a second. Let’s focus on ourselves.

Why be dishonest? Why compromise yourself so easily?

Why enter into any relationship knowing that you’re building it on sand?

If you’re not comfortable enough with yourself or with your own truth when entering a relationship, then you’re not ready for that relationship. Don’t make the other person suffer for your own lack of integrity or inability to embrace the truths of your life. Just because you are available for a relationship doesn’t mean you are ready for one.

Be open to developing authenticity in all of your relationships. Building any relationship on a solid foundation of truth greatly increases its chances of longevity…and it may save you a hollering at an airport.

Steve Maraboli


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