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You and I

When you look at me, your eyes become mine. For I can see what you see and how you see it. You are not alone. Breathe with me; I shall listen to the breath like a melody of love. Together we shall take in new oxygen; a new scoop of life force. Let it spread through your spiritual body. Let it connect with all it may connect with.

Cry with me for you are not alone. We, together, shall hold firm the ground and bathe in its healing. Sing with me for you and I are one. We can only breathe together. We are the sun, the moon and the dancing stars.

Fly with me for we are angels in this spiritual journey. You and I are the same. You and I are one. You are my neighbor, my brother, my sister - let me wrap you in my love and warm you with eternal compassion.

You are not alone for you and I are one.

Steve Maraboli


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