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Fairytale Relationships

I don’t mind when people tell me that my relationship ideals are a fairytale.

If it is a fairytale to be loved, to be respected, to have passion, a moving and active love, if that is fairytale, then yes. If mutual respect, love, lust, and friendship is a fairytale, then of course! I want to be in love with you, in lust with you, in like with you… it’s a multidimensional world why would I want a one-dimensional relationship?

I want love, passion, honesty, and companionship… sex that drives me crazy and conversation that drives me sane.

I want those kinds of things – if that is a fairytale, I'll wait for it… I’ll cultivate it… I’ll create it. Every time I have settled for less, I have felt empty, incomplete, had too much drama, and just didn’t feel the wonderful magic of love.

Other’s can waste their time and settle for less, but not me. Never again! Others can think it's a fairytale and look down upon it, but keep this in mind... every great experience and advancement, from walking on the moon, to airplanes, to video phones, to GPS, to the Internet… at some point, these were all considered a fairytale. It doesn’t mean it’s not real; it means it is there for you to work towards, cultivate, and create. Set this standard and bring this magic into your life.

Steve Maraboli

Unapologetically You


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