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Conscious Contact

I don’t know what happens next. Where will I be in the year 2100? I don’t know. I’ll be wherever I was in the year 1800. I don’t know… But what I DO know is that I’m here NOW.

In the vastness of time, we are here for a blink… So I’m going to make the most of this amazingly short opportunity. I want to experience the length, depth, and breadth of life.

I have run with the sinners and I have run with the saints. I have been through times of little money and times of an abundance of it. Throughout the years, I have been the perpetrator and the victim… I have been medicine and poison.

I experience, I learn, I adjust, and I get better. But I don’t sit still. I will exhaust myself with all the opportunities this life presents me.

Whatever happens next is going to happen whether I believe it or not. So I’ll focus my energy here… NOW.

I will make conscious contact with each day.

I’ll love with PASSION. I’ll recklessly forgive. I’ll meet everyone I can and help them in any way possible. I’ll laugh… A LOT.

I will not confine myself to the limiting walls of other people’s opinions. The dead are always trying to convince you how comfortable their caskets are. I will not live a safe and monotonous zombie life.

I want the sense of accomplishment found in winning and the deep wisdom found in losing. I’m not just here for the victories; I’m here for the scars.

I will use my entire being to help others… I will wear out my voice from speaking, wear out my hands from working, wear out my legs from traveling, wear out my heart from loving…

Then, I’ll move on… to wherever… having squeezed all of the juice out of this precious life.


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