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Nourishing Relationships

Relationships challenge us; they always have and always will. There is a constant conflict between the common relationship dynamic and our innate narcissistic needs. It seems this attempt to find a healthy balance in our relationships often causes an emotional and manifested tug of war. This leads us to lose sight of how to nourish our relationships.

If you want to strengthen your relationship, remember this: Our relationships, whether business or personal, are nourished and shaped by the commitment we express through our actions.

Break free from the relationship-poisoning mindset of narcissism! Don’t be a taker; healthy relationships require balance. Give with your words and be extra generous with your deeds. Remember, while words can be powerful, eloquent, and lasting, it is our committed action that will ultimately serve as the defining factor of our relationships. If you make a conscious effort to ensure your words are in alignment with your actions, you can be confident that you will build strong relationships with others who do the same.

Steve Maraboli


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