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The Ego: A Celebration of You

So many writers and philosophers discuss the ego and often debate whether you should embrace it or “free” yourself from it. But how do we define the ego? Does it have to be self-aggrandizement or selfishness or can it simply be a celebration and identification of self?

I love landscape art and photography. I am often left breathless by the beauty of this wonderful earth, from the amazing sunrise that explodes in a multicolor celebration of a new day to the serene sunset with its blissful whisper of the day’s transition; from the majestic mountain ranges to the white sand beaches; from the powerful oceans to the beautiful fields of flowers. I love to see and celebrate all the beauty in this enchantingly hand-sculpted earth that God has blessed us with.

I know I’m not alone in this admiration of beauty. All over the world people have pictures and paintings in their homes of some of these earthly scenes. In museums, the work of artists who capture this beauty is prominently displayed and many people pay to see and admire their work.

So let me ask you this: if it is alright to recognize and celebrate the work of artists if it’s alright to celebrate something human-made, why would you not celebrate something God made? God made you. God hand-sculpted you to fulfill a purpose here on this great earth. You are just as majestic as the mountains and just as beautiful as a field of flowers. I believe having an ego is simply recognizing and celebrating the work of God.

This doesn’t mean you should be selfish. It doesn’t mean you should consider yourself better than anyone else. It means you are an individual and it’s ok to recognize that God made you as an individual with a purpose. Don’t turn your back on that truth, embrace it and celebrate it!

Thank you for being you!

Steve Maraboli


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