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The Empowered Hypothesis

Today I will wake up with the hypothesis that I am very blessed and capable of breathing change into my life and over the course of the day, I will have fun continuously proving this hypothesis true.

I will look for the blessings of the day. I will no longer remain blind to the opportunities that surround me. I will take action on change I envision for myself.

On this day of empowered hypothesis, I will turn my “To-Do” list into an “Opportunities Available” list and as I check off each, I will transfer them to another list called “Blessings of this Day”.

I will be generous with my love today. I will sprinkle compliments and uplifting words everywhere I go. I will do this knowing that my words are like seeds and when they fall on fertile soil, a reflection of those seeds will grow into something greater.

I will mute the venomous self-talk in my mind. I will cancel its membership to the club of my spirit. I will evict it from the place it has held in my life. No more waking up with the poisonous theory of “same crap different day.” Influential negative self-talk has no home in my hypothesis.

Yes, on this beautiful new day I will begin with the hypothesis of greatness and limitless potential. This will be an amazing day, filled with blessings and opportunities to change. I will exhaust myself in the fun of validating this grand hypothesis! Then, I will do it again tomorrow.

Steve Maraboli


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