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You’re Not Drowning

You are not broken. You are not ugly. You are not unworthy. You are not too short. You are not too tall. You are not the number on a scale. You are not too old. You are not too young. You are not your mistakes.

You are a person designed with a purpose and the greatness within to bring that purpose to life. Whether it’s cosmetic companies, latest diet fads, self-help or spiritual gurus, or numerous other agencies, this is a truth the marketing world NEVER wants you to know. They can’t sell you a life-vest unless they can convince you that you’re drowning. So they spend enormous amounts of money creating an advertising blitz that is one hundred percent designed to have you feel broken enough to need their products.

You’re not drowning. You are a unique gift to this world. Don’t let psychological warfare from an advertisement campaign blind you from the truth of your beauty, possibility, worthiness, and purpose. Stop chasing what you already have. Your greatest self is never caused by a product; it is revealed by a choice to embrace your truth. Anyone who tells you differently is trying to convince you you’re less than what you are; that you’re broken… so they can sell you the fix.

Steve Maraboli


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