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Embrace The Happy Moments of Your Life

An innocent giggle from your child. A good morning kiss from your spouse.

A good report card. A visit from the tooth fairy. A great cup of coffee. A warm, dry pair of boots. A snow day. A loving hug. A timely smile. A call from a friend. A car that starts in the morning. A job to go to. Family movie night. Funny moments. A vacation. A day off. A good book. A cozy chair. Your favorite slippers.

Happiness can be found in the simple moments along our great journey through life. At any given moment, the choice to be happy is present - we just have to choose to be happy. How often do we allow ourselves the time to really take in the joys of our lives? Do we fully experience the love transferred from a child’s embrace or are we more worried about getting to work on time?

Allow yourself to enjoy each happy moment in your life. Take it in - you deserve it! This universe is balanced. God made it that way. There is always plenty to be worried and sad about, but there is equally plenty to be happy and at peace with. The choice is yours. Through my experiences as a personal coach, I’ve learned that happiness is not the absence of problems - it’s the ability to deal with them. It’s the ability to enjoy a rose with no mind of the thorn. It’s the ability to celebrate a life even though it has passed. It’s seeing the flowers even during a rainstorm.

Happiness is the gauge that measures your relationship with God.

Spread your happiness to others and let them spread theirs to you.

Allow yourself to find the great blessings that surround you every day.

Take a moment… Take it all in… Smile…

Today is a new day… A happy day!

Steve Maraboli


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