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If Not Now, When?

There are so many beautiful things happening right now.

Within all the beauty that radiates in this very moment, amongst all the happenings of the now, and woven within the fabric of this moment, you will find an abundance of opportunity.

This opportunity is available at all times and remains inactive and formless until YOU give it form and set it in motion.

How will you define and use the opportunity available to you?

Let today be the day you make the choice to no longer throw away the opportunities presented in each passing moment.

Seize the opportunity accessible in the NOW! Empower yourself to take hold of the opportunity for change, for decisions, for growth, for simplicity, for love, for forgiveness, for compassion, for happiness… the opportunity to live the life you’ve always wanted to live, to live in alignment with your dreams, to express your greatest self, to be unapologetically YOU… the opportunity to act on all of these things is present right now.

What are you willing to have left undone in your life?

We all have had so many goals, so many visions, and so many dreams for ourselves, yet we often put them on the back burner.

We put them on the back burner, not because we don't want to do it, but because we are convinced that a later time will be better. We are confident to the same degree that any gambler is confident.

Our confidence is rooted in the idea that we can pursue our goals, dreams, and desires at a later time and that it will somehow be an easier journey. But the reality is that the cemetery is full of books that were never written, full of chances that were never taken, full of relationships that were never started, full of resentments that were never mended… full of regret. The cemetery is full of gamblers that got it wrong.

Don’t let yourself be another example of a life gambled but not lived. Do not waste another day!

If not now, when?

- Steve Maraboli


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