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One Day at a Time

It seems everybody is really busy these days. I understand that at times the stresses of work and family make it easy to lose focus and make each day a blur. My life is not unlike yours. I too seem to have a mountain of work to move but only a spoon with which to dig. But I want to share with you a simple TRUTH that helps me accomplish what I need to do while at the same time never losing focus.

Although time seems to fly, it never travels faster than one day at a time. Each day is a new opportunity to live your life to the fullest. In each waking day, you will find scores of blessings and opportunities for positive change. Do not let your TODAY be stolen by the ghost of yesterday or the “To-Do” list of tomorrow!

Harness the power of today. Seize the blessings of today! Make something happen, enhance your life, make someone laugh, help a friend, love, love, love!

Choose to do it - TODAY!

Today is a new day!

Steve Maraboli


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