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The Journey Awaits

The beautiful journey of today can only begin when we learn to let go of yesterday.

Have you ever been on a cruise or looked at one of their brochures? I have been fortunate enough to experience the wonderful journey a cruise can offer. The ships are so magnificently crafted, sculpted for movement, comfort, efficiency, and maximizing the full experience of the trip.

You begin your journey when the ship leaves the dock and moves forward towards its destination. Along the way there is so much happening. There are so many opportunities you can experience and participate in. A romantic stroll along the deck as you look outward to the seemingly endless sea, or maybe you want to go splash around the pool, or maybe enjoy some of the fine food available to you, or maybe you’ll join in some of the dancing and partying going on around you, or maybe it’s evening and you feel like sitting on the balcony and looking out to the splendid moon and clear starlit sky.

There’s so much for you to experience and enjoy from the moment the trip starts that before you know it, you’ve connected to another dock along the way. Perhaps it’s a pristine beach of white sand and breathtakingly beautiful water. Perhaps it’s a tropical paradise with tall trees and lush greens that house exotic and precious animals. Perhaps it’s a mystical location with a spiritual history and engineering wonder that you couldn’t really understand or appreciate until you’ve seen it with your own eyes.

There is so much that happens when this journey begins. From the moment the ship leaves the dock until the time the ship returns to its home dock, the blessings, opportunities, nourishment, love, laughter, entertainment, and experiences are abundant and immeasurable. By the end of the trip, you are sure to be happily exhausted from enjoying all the journey had to offer. You can go home content that you lived and experienced the journey to the max.

I tell you all of this because it’s important to note one thing; One thing that can make or break the trip; One thing that can make or break YOUR journey.

I want you all to understand that NONE of this could happen, not one of those magical experiences could happen if the ship didn’t first LET GO of the dock.

How many of you are still holding on to the dock? Holding the dock of yesterday, the divorce, the bankruptcy, the pink slip, the betrayal, the separation, the insecurity, the abuse, the fear, etc…

LET GO! What are you waiting for? The journey, all the magic, all the romance, all the beauty, all the love, all of the blessings, and all of the sights and sounds of this amazing trip through life are here for you NOW. Free yourself from the dock. It’s not holding you, you’re holding it – let go now! Today is a new day! It’s your day. Enjoy the trip!

Steve Maraboli


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