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When Things Get Cold

When serving in the United States Air Force I got to see some beautiful places and experience a myriad of different people and climates. One of these climates was right here in the U.S.A.; North Dakota.

Although scenically beautiful and home to some of the nicest people I’ve met, it was very cold and windy. The extreme cold weather prompted for winter survival training. During the training we learned that the reason your fingers and toes are the first to feel the damaging effects of the cold is because they are extremities that are furthest from your warm-blood pumping heart. To fight off the damaging effects, wiggle them. The movements get the blood flowing again.

Over the years, I have learned that the same principle can be applied to our everyday lives. If your career, relationships, business, dreams, or goals are “cold,” it is because they are furthest from your heart. Take some time to clear out the nonsense that has gained your heart’s attention and re-focus on what matters.

Keep your goals, hopes, and dreams close to your heart by acting on them daily. Let actions that are aligned with your intent get the warm blood of life-potentiality flowing to your relationship, career, ambitions, and dreams. When things in your life get cold; MOVE!

Steve Maraboli


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