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You’re Not Rejected - You’re Redirected

We often have a diluted sense of self; we do not see the magnitude of the greatness inside of us. As a result, most people live within the parameters of the lowest part of their life; they dwell in the basement of their capability.

When you have a small picture of yourself, it distorts the size of the problems and challenges you face. You become easily intimidated and even more easily deterred from following your desired success. You look at mistakes as final and failures as unworthiness. You see a small YOU and a BIG everything else. The vision of yourself is distorted and the efficiency of your journey is burdened.

You are a reflection of greatness; don’t lose sight of that! There have been countless challenges that you thought were bigger than you, but you’re still here. They have not defeated you, they have not stopped you, and even if you didn’t realize it, they had to bow to your innate superiority.

Keep your dream alive. Keep your relationship alive. Keep your career alive. Keep your goal alive. Live BIG! You have not been rejected, you have been redirected. Delayed, but not denied. You are greater than you can ever imagine! Let your journey be fueled and your body be nourished by your victorious past and move forward in the direction of your magnificent dreams. You are worthy; live accordingly.

Steve Maraboli


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